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Having trouble finding the right candidate?

Having trouble finding
the right candidate?

Find your perfect candidate quickly at HRAIT. View our vast pool of talent with experience and skill to match your exact needs.

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What is HRAIT System

One of the difficulties that many businesses encounter is finding a qualified candidate with personable skills. At aiTWorks, we assist your business in filtering out only the best professionals with our experienced recruiters.


Register in minutes and get your free account to view candidates.


Provide appropriate referrals through scoring every candidate’s skills.



Understanding what the candidate is looking for is an important aspect.

Staffing solutions HRAIT

6 benefits


Our dedicated representative is available to respond your company's needs

One of the most difficult aspects of the search process for many companies is to identify the skills and personal qualities of candidates. We assign a dedicated recruiter to assist you in your search and provide consultation and assistance to help you resolve these issues. Please feel free to contact us.


Only professionals who have completed our pre-interviews will be introduced to you

Only professionals who have passed a pre-interview with us are registered. Our career development staff guarantees the quality of our professionals.


Our dedicated commitment to finding talented professionals

We are committed to finding the best professionals. We continue to search for professionals today through our own network of contacts throughout the U.S.


Outsourcing services for recruiting

We can prepare employee handbooks, offer letters, and job descriptions on your behalf. Let us handle all the paperwork necessary for your recruiting activities.


Multi-language support

The HRAIT system has many registered multilinguals who speak not only Japanese and English, but also Chinese and other languages. Please feel free to contact us if your company is looking for personnel who can speak foreign languages at a business level.


Providing visa support

We also have visa consultants on staff. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about work visas for the U.S.

Advantages of Temporary Staffing

We Also Provide
Temporary Staffing

We Also Provide Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing services allow you to define working periods and working hours according to the business’ busyness and workload, thus making recruitment costs a variable cost. In addition, since we have professional personnel who utilize their skills and knowledge, we can bring in personnel specializing in specialized skills as an immediate asset at the time needed. This service can also be used by companies that wish to hire candidates on a trial basis prior to the main hiring process.


before Hiring

Temporary Staff


Temporary Examples

Kitchen staff and servers suddenly absent

Chefs, kitchen staff and manager with special skills are required

Temporary specialist needed for web development and social network marketing

Large number of staff needed to be dispatched for events

Looking for good candidates for initial area marketing

Need engineers with good programming language skills in systems development

We also provide other temporary staffing services, such as office administration. If you are looking for temporary staff, please feel free to contact us.

No Worries Any More!

To Find Professional
Personnel, Use the
HRAIT System

TO Find Professional Personnel,
Use the HRAIT System


Required Level
Solid Skill

Only professionals designated by us are registered.


Find Your Ideal
without Labour

We take care of all;
Find, introduce, and set up interviews.


Personnel with
Human Qualities

Only excellent personnel are registered after our pre-interviews.

how to register

Registration Steps



Professionals across a variety of industries are registered, including programming engineers, healthcare professionals, hair and make-up artists, manicurists, office workers, accountants, digital marketing specialists, teachers and lecturers, restaurant managers and chefs.

Yes. You can register even if you are not looking for personnel right now. After registration, you can use the system at your own time, if necessary.

You can also register from Japan. Many Americans who want to work in Japan and Japanese who are thinking of returning to their home countries are also registered with us, so you can find professional people to work in the USA.

After registering in the system, you will receive a digital contract. The detailed process will be explained by our representative at the time of contracting.

We take the utmost care in managing the information you have registered. Please be assured that we also take all possible security measures.

Please contact our representative or to inform us of the unregistration.

Registration, use of the system, search support (introductions from us) and interviews with candidates are free of charge. Once you have hired, you pay a contract fee.

If you do not end up signing a contract with a candidate, you will not be charged.

Our system has a large number of professionals working in the USA. Our representatives can also introduce you to the ideal match for your company, free of charge. Before signing a contract, we will check the skills of the candidate and respond flexibly to any other requests you may have.

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