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Our specialized team, focused on recruiting next-generation executives and senior management, will support your company. We will discover outstanding talents with leadership and management capabilities and lead the entire recruitment process based on our expertise and experience.

Database and network of executive candidates

We have a unique database of executive candidates and an extensive network. Through years of industry collaboration and talent referral activities, we have built an exceptional pool of executive candidates.

Headhunting industry leaders in both Japan and the United States

We have a strong track record of successful recruitments through headhunting for both Japan and the United States, targeting competitors in the same industry. Leveraging our specialized knowledge of the regions and industries and our extensive network, we provide a recruitment process to find the best candidates.

Examples of recruitment support targets


Executive-level positions

CEO/Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, President, Vice President, Executive Officer, Partner

Top executives by job function

CFO/Chief Financial Officer, CIO/Chief Information Officer, CMO/Chief Marketing Officer, CTO/Chief Technology Officer, CHRO/Chief Human Resources Officer,
CSO/Chief Strategy Officer

Supervisory/Overseeing executive level

Senior Director, Executive Director, Division Manager, Section Leader, Plant Manager, Regional Manager

Manager and Director level

Director, Project Director, Program Director, Operations Director, Sales Director, Manufacturing Director

Upper and middle-level management

Assistant Director, Project Manager, Program Manager, Operations Manager, Sales Manager, Manufacturing Manager

Towards resolving management issues


Hiring process


*The fee is based on a complete success reward system upon hiring.


We will conduct a interview to clarify the desired talent and position it within the company's growth strategy.
At the same time, we will explain the details of the hiring fee and contract conditions, and proceed with the signing of the contract.

2-Candidate selection and introduction.

We will conduct the initial screening in our company and carefully select and introduce only suitable candidates. Based on the candidates' backgrounds, skills, and suitability, we will proceed with the selection process and propose the most suitable candidates to your company.

3- We support the selection process.

In your company's selection process, we will provide support for the selection activities, including arranging interview dates and times, and, if necessary, attending interviews together.
Furthermore, we will wholeheartedly support your selection process to ensure its smooth progress.

4-Support before and after hiring and joining the company.

After the hiring decision, we will support the pre-employment procedures such as conducting background checks on candidates and preparing necessary documents.
We will assist in communication before and after joining the company, support career development, and provide the necessary support to ensure a smooth hiring process and subsequent success.

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