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logistics and transportation industry.

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About us

If you are facing challenges in recruiting logistics and transportation professionals,
please contact L HRAIT, a talent placement agency specializing in the
logistics and transportation industry and its specific job roles.



Our specialized agents who are knowledgeable about the logistics/warehouse/transportation industry will support your company’s recruitment efforts. Our recruiters will represent your company and clearly communicate your job vacancies, required skills, and practical experience to the job seekers.
As a result, we can promptly introduce candidates who meet your company’s requirements.

High matching rate

At L HRAIT, a specialist in logistics, we can accurately evaluate the skills and experience of job seekers and match them with suitable job opportunities. Our specialized recruiter team conducts pre-screening interviews at our company, taking into account not only the skills but also personal aspects of the candidates. We only introduce candidates who have passed our rigorous pre-screening process, ensuring a high level of matching rate.

Reduce the burden of the hiring process

By utilizing L HRAIT, a specialist in logistics, you can reduce advertising costs for job postings that may or may not yield effective results and streamline the selection process. With our involvement, you will be able to find suitable candidates more quickly and achieve a reduction in document screening time and unnecessary interviews.

Total talent solutions

We can provide talent solutions tailored to your company's needs, including not only talent placement but also temporary staffing, outsourcing, online assistants, and more. Our recruiters, equipped with specialized knowledge, will support your company's concerns from various perspectives.

What we can offer


Why people choose us

Strong Point

Experienced consultants

We have experienced consultants with a rich background in the logistics industry. This enables us to provide appropriate career advice and support for job seekers and companies in terms of recruitment processes.

Quick hiring process

Due to our focus on speed, we are able to achieve a high number of hiring decisions in a short period of time. We have a track record of making hiring decisions within as little as one week from receiving a job introduction.

Pay only when you hire the candidate

Our service operates on a success-based model, allowing you to use our services completely free of charge until the candidate we introduce is successfully hired. There are no fees involved at the stage of candidate introduction or during the interview process.

Our company possesses specialized knowledge and a network focused on the logistics and transportation industry.
As a result, we can accurately understand the skills and talent needs desired by job seekers and companies alike,
we can find the most suitable candidates available in the market.

The flow of talent placement


*Our service operates on a success-based model, allowing you to use our services completely free of charge
until the candidate we introduce is successfully hired.

First, you need to register your company.

After registering with HRAIT, we will proceed to confirm the recruitment details.

We will search for viable candidates.

② We will conduct interviews with the candidates at our company and introduce them to your company.

Start the interview

③ First, we will conduct a document screening, followed by interviews, and then it will ultimately be up to you if you wish to hire the candidate we have provided.


④ Once the date is confirmed, you will proceed with the payment of the placement fee after the candidate's successful onboarding.

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