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Luxury Kaiseki Cuisine by Michelin Chef Hiroki Odo

Odo is a Kaiseki restaurant run by Chef Hiroki Odo, who has received several awards including Michelin stars. While offering traditional Japanese Kaiseki cuisine to their guests, they strive to provide a unique Odo experience. Their counter seats, where guests can watch the chef's cooking right in front of them, create an intimate atmosphere, offering not just satisfaction with food and service but also providing guests with a one-of-a-kind experience.

Odo earned 2 stars from the Michelin Guide in 2023 by carefully selecting local ingredients according to the season and offering high-quality Kaiseki cuisine acclaimed worldwide.

In 2019, Odo received a 3-star review from the New York Times and was selected as the Best New Restaurant by both the New York Times and Esquire.

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Gain a One-of-a-Kind Experience at a Top-Tier Establishment

Opportunities for skill enhancement are available at a Michelin 2-starred top-tier establishment.



No Experience Necessary - Beginners Are More Than Welcome to Apply

Even without experience in Kaiseki cuisine, applicants with experience in Japanese cuisine are welcome to apply.


Work in the Heart of the World, New York City

Discover your culinary journey in the vibrant heart of New York City, where tradition meets innovation on the global stage of cuisine. You can hone your talents and create unique experiences that will spark your passion for culinary excellence.

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Sous Chef | Kaiseki Restaurant


Kaiseki restaurant in the Nomad area of New York City is looking for a Sous Chef position. Applications are welcome f...

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