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ATAGO USA, a global company that provides advanced optoelectronic products to 154 countries around the world.

Established in 1940, ATAGO has primarily focused on the research and development of a wide range of optoelectronic products, centering on refractometer. ATAGO's products are utilized across various industries, including food and beverage processing, petrochemicals, and metalworking, not only in Japan but also in 154 countries worldwide, where the brand is trusted.

In July 2002, ATAGO U.S.A. established a new office in North America, aiming to provide better service to customers in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.


Located in Bellevue, Washington, this office strengthens technical and sales support to distributors and end-users. ATAGO U.S.A. is committed to providing prompt and efficient customer service, conducting dynamic market research, and developing scientific instruments that benefit industries and people worldwide.

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From Japan to the World

ATAGO is recommended for those who resonate with the many technologies cultivated over the years of manufacturing and the passion embedded in ATAGO's craftsmanship.


A company where the distance between departments is very close

Where one can consult on any uncertainties, ensures peace of mind in advancing business operations


A brand trusted in 154 countries around the world

ATAGO can confidently provide its own products to people, instilling a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

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Customer Service

A Bellevue, WA scientific instrument manufacturer company is looking for someone to fill a customer service position. ...

Quality Assurance Staff | Japanese Manufacturing Company

A Bellevue, WA scientific instrument manufacturer is looking for a Quality Control Staff to join their team. This com...

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