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Branch Manager Position|Major Japanese-established stationery manufacturer

Large, established Japanese stationery company that will be opening an office in Del Amo, CA in July with the goal of entering a new market in the US is looking for a Branch Manager position.
This is a very challenging job as you will be working from 0 to 1 to make things happen.


<Job Summary>

This position is responsible for sales and marketing to enter new markets and increase sales in the U.S., as well as administrative office manager for the expansion of the organization.
This position is also responsible for sales and marketing to expand sales in the U.S. and to manage the administrative office to expand the organization.
To establish contact with existing customers and generate new business opportunities,
Identify market marketing and develop market research and plans for sales growth,
Monitor industry trends.
Sales will be 20% to maintain and expand sales with existing clients (approx. 100 million yen in sales) and 80% to develop new sales channels and business negotiations.
Marketing: SNS and sales promotion activities at actual stores.
Management will be total human resource management and inventory control.


<Job Description>

-Budgeting, progress management, and reporting for North America
– development of products for the U.S. market and participation in GEPJ
– SNS promotion planning + implementation (information updates, etc.) (4) Weekly meetings with HQ Overseas Business Group
-attend weekly and quarterly meetings with the Overseas Business Group of the Head Office
-create and update English version of product leaflets and dealer pamphlets
-planning and introduction of promotional tools (furniture, POP, etc.) for the U.S. market 7. conducting market research in the U.S.
-conduct market research in the U.S.
-rounders (visiting existing customers’ stores) to replenish products. Sales promotion of new products.
-shelf arrangement, promotion of orders from retailers to distributors,
-communication with existing customers to promote orders. New product information Sales promotion planning + implementation (online + offline)
– contact new wholesalers + appointment + sales pitch. Sales at trade shows (manufacturers, wholesalers, retail chains, etc.)
-training of locally hired employees


Must have a U.S. work visa.
Must be able to travel within the U.S. or internationally.
Business level English, native level Japanese
At least 5 years of experience in FMCG industry
Experience in sales manager and business strategy
Must have or be able to obtain a U.S. driver’s license.

Employment Status Full Time
Position General Manager
Language English/ Japanese
Working Hours Work 5 days from Monday to Friday 9am-6pm, 8 hours a day
Weekends and holidays are off.
Break time: 1 hour
Salary $100K〜(to be determined after interview based on experience)
Benefit Health insurance
Separate offer will be made at the time of job offer.


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