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Young Ocean|アメリカ・アジア諸国への豊富な流通ルートを誇る最大級のシーフード卸売業者|求人・採用情報

One of the largest seafood wholesalers with extensive distribution channels to the USA and Asian countries

Young Ocean has built solid relationships with key producers of Alaskan seafood over the years, since its inception in 1998. From salmon to fish roe, the company has developed distribution channels for high quality Alaskan seafood. Production and distribution operations are conducted in compliance with HACCP regulations, distributing seafood as well as dry goods, meat and vegetables to local supermarkets, restaurants and many food outlets. With demand for high-quality seafood increasing worldwide, the business is not limited to domestic trade in the USA, but also has a strategic focus on the global market. As a result, overseas trade, particularly in Japan, Korea, China and other Asian countries, is growing rapidly. Our success to date has been underpinned by our highly skilled staff who have a dedicated and altruistic spirit, are humble and bilingual in Korean, Japanese, Chinese and other Asian languages. Young Ocean will continue to develop its business with the utmost emphasis on customer satisfaction and employee happiness.

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You can work in an open corporate culture with many bilinguals from Asia.


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Such as bonuses, paid/special leave, company discount, meals, etc.


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Able to switch to performance-based pay. Many achieve high incomes.

Young Ocean|働きやすい職場|求人・採用情報
Young Ocean|高福利厚生|求人・採用情報
Young Ocean|青天井報酬制も|求人・採用情報

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EnglishFull TimeEntry LevelSalesVisa SupportWashingtonSeattleKent

Sales position available in the seafood industry in Kent, Washington. This is a great opportunity to develop your sales ...

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