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Sales | Major Japanese car dealer

A major car dealership that sells cars throughout the United States is looking for a sales position.

This company sells cars, car options, insurance, etc. to Japanese customers, and you will be working using Japanese.

This job is open to those with OPT visas and OPT STEM visas,

so H1B sponsorship can also be considered. (H1B support is not guaranteed as it depends on work performance.)

Those with no sales experience are also welcome to apply.

(Providing comprehensive training for those with no experience, and you will receive training for the first three months.)

Have a system and environment in place that allows young people to thrive, so this is a recommended job for those who want to advance their careers.

Please contact if you are flexible enough to move anywhere in the United States, can serve customers cheerfully and energetically, want to work hard as a salesperson, and are highly motivated to achieve results and be promoted.

<Job Description>

・Greeting customers and providing professional service.
・Understanding customer needs (purchase, sale, trade-in, etc., details such as car type, price range, etc.) and determining which product is suitable for the customer. Communicating customer profile to Store Manager/Finance Manager.
・Inspecting vehicles with clear and detailed understanding of all inspection points to enable pricing team to make accurate price decisions. Communicating appraisal information clearly and promptly in cooperation with pricing team.
・When a customer purchases, confirming payment method, license, insurance, etc. and reporting details to Store Manager.
・Ensuring that the contract is properly concluded and closing the deal. Ensuring that all necessary documents are prepared.
・Following up after closing, including ordering for vehicle maintenance and preparation, and arranging pick-up and drop-off for the vehicle and customer.
・Following up with customers, building connections, and ensuring long-term customer satisfaction.
・Efficiently using online tools related to work such as smartphone, blueDrive, zoom, google calendar, line works, etc.


– Hold an OPT visa or a US work visa (work visa support is available for those with an OPT visa, but this is not guaranteed)

– Able to move to any state in the US
– Hold a US driver’s license
– Native level Japanese and business level English
– Solid work skills
– Speed ​​and accuracy
– Can do attitude
– Excellent verbal communication skills
– Flexible working hours
– Able to work without pressure


Employment Status Full Time
Position Sales
Language English/ Japanese
Working Hours 5-day shift from Monday to Sunday, 8-hour shift from 9am to 6pm
*2 days off per week (shift system)
*Break time: 1 hour
Salary $60K – $80K (base salary + commission) / annual salary

*Please check the base salary.

Benefit ・Health insurance
・Dental insurance
・Vision insurance
・Life insurance
・Paid vacation system: 10-12 days / year
・Sick leave system
・Employee discount system
・Visa support available for those with OPT visas (not guaranteed)
・Promotion system available: After working in sales, there are also positions available for promotion to store manager or corporate sales at headquarters in the future.


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