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Takashi Takahashi

After graduating with an engineering and AI degree at Aoyama University in Japan, worked as an IT consultant with large companies such as Honda, Nissan, Citizen watches, Yokohama tires, and Sony. After gaining experience, go independent and create and direct IT, art, and cosmetic business. Specialized in US Visa and merger and acquisition through various experiences in the field.

We Provide
Staffing Solutions

We Provide Staffing Solutions

Our staffing service provides a wide range of solutions for your business needs. By setting working periods and hours to your custom requirements, we can help your business keep staffing costs down. With our connections to various skilled professionals, we can find the right candidate for even the most niche fields.


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We Can Help With Office / Warehouse Management and Other Employment Needs. Feel Free To Contact Us.

Sudden absence of kitchen, server staff

Find a candidate with specific skills in culinary field

Additional help needed with special events

Temporary help with web development, social network marketing

Marketing specialist to help with your first business in a new field

System development with Javascript, PHP, Python engineers

Having Trouble
Finding Candidates?

Having Trouble Finding Candidates?

Our Service Provide These Solutions

Instant Match
W/ Candidates

When you are looking for a candidate with skill X and X years of experience, you can find the right candidate with our vast pool of registered users.


The Right Level
Of Skilled Hires

Skilled professionals are great team players. Our users require to pass certain requirements to be listed. Find the right professional for your business today.


Find A Pro
With Less Time

We provide solutions ranging from recruiting, introduction and interview setup. You can focus on the critical areas of your business while we do the heavy lifting.

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Let's discuss Your Candidate Requirements

One of difficulties that many business encounter is finding a qualified candidate with personable skills. At aiTWorks, we have the knowledge, experience and know how to filter out only the best professionals. Contact us now for a free consultation.


Our Candidates Have All Been Screened And Passed Interviews

Quality of our candidates are assured by our experienced recruiter.


We Are Constantly Striving To Find The Most Skilled Pros

With our vast networking within various industries, we are always looking for quality pros to fit your business.


Multi Lingual Support

At aiTWorks system, many of our users are multi-lingual. From Japanese, English and Chinese professionals, we offer support in recruiting your next multi-lingual candidate


Visa Support

We also offer Visa support consultation. Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries.

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Register in minutes and get your free account to view candidates.


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Every candidate’s skills are shown with a scoring board system.


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Understanding what the candidate is looking for is an important aspect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s completely free to use our system.

Programmers, developers, medical staff, hair and makeup artists, nailists, office workers, accountants, marketing specialists, teachers , food industry personnel, chef and many other pros from different industries.

Yes, registering is free and you can use our system anytime as you wish.

Businesses in Japan are welcome to register. There are Americans that are looking to work in Japan and Japanese professionals looking to move back to Japan and find a job. So feel free to use our system to find your preferred candidates.

After registration, we will send you a digital contract. Our recruiting manager will guide you every step of the way.

We take extra measures in securing all the information within the system so you can rest assured your data is safe.

Contact our recruitment manager directly or contact us at Contact Form

Registration, usage of our system, recruitment support, and interview support is all free of charge. Once recruitment is finalized, there is a commission fee.

No, there is no fees incurred if you did not hire a candidate.

We have a vast pool of talent in various industries that we do our best of our ability to match your custom business needs.

we are Trustworthy

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The aiTWorks system has been used by many companies.

About aiTWorks

Human resources / IT solution at aiTWorks.

We provide various solutions in your business such as human resources solutions, business marketing consulting, WEB development, graphic design, etc.

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